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Sylhet: The queen of beauty

Bangladesh is known for offering unique tourist places all over the country. From having the longest sea beach to calming green scenery, this beauty has it all. The Sylhet is one of her parts, and it can meet, even exceed, your expectations. Located at the right-back of the Surma river, it is a spiritual place surrounded by ethnic mosaics. With a subtropical climate, this eye-soothing asset comprises unimaginable places which define tranquility while being graceful. From tea gardens to mountains, it has a wide range of tourist places to serenade everyone.


Jaflong is a popular tourist destination and a must-visit place located on the “Piyain” river’s bank. This enchanting place offers the scenery of Meghalaya’s magnificent hills of India while being in Bangladesh. The crystal clear water and the stones coming along with it will make you. Jaflong zero point, Piyain river, Jaflong Bridge, Sengram Punji Waterfalls, and Khasia Village are the prominent places of attraction there.

How to go there

Jaflong is not very far away once you’re in Sylhet city. The distance is about 62 km. There are many ways of transportation like bus, CNG, etc., available there. It will take about 3 hours to get there.


Bichanakandi village, located in Rustampur union under Guainghat Upazilla, can make your heart dance with joy with her appeal. This bed of stones offers calming scenery of the green mountains and the dancing clouds. You can visit there any time of the year and get your mind blown away with the crystal clear water and celestial nature view.

How to go there

There are some ways to visit Bichanakandi. You can use the Sylhet-Gowainghat Road and take a left turn to arrive at Hadarpar. From there, you can hire a local boat to reach Bichanakandi. You can also hire a CNG or auto rickshaw to reach Hadarpar.

Ratargul Swamp Forest

Ratargul Swamp Forest, known as the “Amazon of Bangladesh,” has acres of land consisting of 73 different tree species, sinuous rivers, and eye-pleasing mountains. This magnificent beauty is situated by the Gowain river and connects with Chengir lake. During the rainy season, it goes under about 20-30ft of water, and during the rest time, it is under about 10ft of water. You can enjoy its charm with the clouds dancing to the cold breeze and hugging the mountains relaxing your heart.

How to go there

Sylhet city is quite close to Ratargul Swamp Forest. You can take a CNG to Gowain Ghat. You’ll reach there in about 3 hours, and from there, you can reserve a boat and start your voyage.


Lalakhal is a heavenly tourist attraction located near Tamabil road. This magnificent canal connects with the sacred Sharee River. The water stays transparent green for the minerals and sands flowing, making it look psychedelic. You can float on this elegant canal for hours and not realize the time is gone.

How to go there

To reach Lalakhal, you need to get to Sarighat first, about 42 km away from Sylhet. After getting there, you can hire a boat to arrive at Lalakhal and enjoy the heavenly sceneries.


Sreemongol, the Upazila under the Moulvibazar district, is regarded as the top tourist location for a while now. This tremendous green attraction has several tea gardens stretching over the mountains. This enormous garden extends the seraphic view of luxurious green over miles with the birds chirping all around you. With permission, you can even enter the enchanting flower gardens.

How to go there

Sreemangal can be easily visited by taking a bus or CNG from Sylhet. By staying there, your soul and body will get nourished by the ethereal nature itself.

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