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Dhaka: The Capital of Bangladesh

To keep pace with the hectic life in busy cities like Dhaka, you regularly should spend one more time with nature and tourist spots. Over time this magical city has its roots in countless people with various historical sites. Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. In this travel guide, I will describe some places to spend time or visit in the capital Dhaka.

Central Shaheed Minar

The Shaheed Minar is the bearer of glorious memories of the Bayanna language movement. The central Shaheed Minar is located next to Dhaka Medical College. It was built at the Medical College on 23 February 1952 to commemorate the unnamed martyrs, including Salam, Jabbar, and Rafiq, who were martyred on 21 February 1952 for demanding “Rashtrabhasha Bangla Chai.” If you have time, you can come back in the afternoon from the memorial of the language movement.

Lalbagh Fort

Prince Azam, son of Emperor Aurangzeb, started the construction of the Lalbagh Fort in 16 AD. At present, the residence and court hall of Subedar Shaista Khan of Lalbagh fort is being used as a museum. Here you will also see beautiful gardens, Paribibi’s mausoleum, Lalbagh fort mosque, fountain, some more tombs and cannons used in the war at that time. Lalbagh Fort is closed on full and half days of the week on Sundays and Mondays and on all public holidays.

Fantasy Kingdom

The Fantasy Kingdom has been built on 20 acres of land in Jamgarh, Ashulia, Savar. There are many popular rides in the world, including roller coasters, Santa Maria, magic carpets. But the Water Kingdom is the main attraction here. In addition to the 11 colorful rides at the Water Kingdom, there are artificial beach web pools, slide worlds, tube slides, and huge swimming pools. The Fantasy Kingdom is open 6 days a week. The park is open to the public on public days from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., but on public holidays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Botanical Garden

National Botanical Garden (Bangladesh National Herbarium) is better known as Botanical Garden. The Botanical Garden is located next to the Bangladesh National Zoo in Mirpur. The national botanical garden has about 600 species of different trees. These trees include a variety of flowers, fruits, forests, and medicinal plants. The Botanical Garden is unique for traveling in the green kingdom inside the capital city of Dhaka. So thousands of visitors come here every year.

Mirpur Zoo

The Dhaka Zoo was opened to the public in 1974, next to the Botanical Gardens in Mirpur. This zoo, known as Dhaka Zoo on 5 February 2015, was renamed Bangladesh National Zoo. Various endangered and rare fauna have found a place here to entertain visitors. Besides, Bangladesh National Zoo is working to collect, breed, conserve, educate and increase public awareness of different species of wild animals. At present, Bangladesh National Zoo has 2150 animals of 191 species. Of these, 448 are mammals, 61 are snakes and reptiles, 992 are birds, and 697 are fish. Besides, inside the Bangladesh National Zoo, there are two lakes spread over ​​13 hectares.


Diabari is located in Sector 15, Uttara, Dhaka, adorned with the boundless beauty of nature. Diabari, full of whiteness, is like a kingdom of clouds. Especially in autumn, when you see a pair of cashews on the horizon, it seems as if the clouds are hiding at your feet. The play of cashews, sun, and clouds enchants the visitors. In this city of bricks, wood, and concrete, Uttara Diabari is like Aladdin’s lamp to the city dwellers who rush for a handful of peace. A short distance from Battala of Diabari, a small lifeless river can be seen. The aesthetic connecting bridge is currently under construction on this branch of the Turag River. An afternoon can be spent effortlessly in the busy and thrilling environment of abandoned boats and fishermen on the river.

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