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Chittagong: A city of port with thousands of attractive places

Chittagong, recently named Chattogram, is the second-largest city in Bangladesh and owns the most important seaport in Bangladesh. The beautiful Karnaphuli river is also situated in Chittagong. Alongside the great history of Chittagong, it also has many tourist attractions. In this article, we will discuss some of them.

Guliyakhali beach

Guliyakhali beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bangladesh, located at Sitakunda Upazila. It is also known as Muradpur beach. Nature has spared no effort to beautify the impeccably beautiful Guliyakhali beach.
You will be lost in another world when you see the wonderful beach. The carpet-like grass on the beach makes Gulia Khali completely unique compared to other beaches.
The beach is less known and is less crowded, and therefore there is always a secluded environment here. Even if there are not as many waves or roars as the sea, the quiescence gives you indescribable joy.

How to go:

First, you have to come to Sitakunda Bazar from Chittagong or Dhaka. Then you can take a CNG auto-rickshaw to the beach.

Bashbaria beach

Since Gulia Khali beach is very close to Sitakunda, there will be a lot of time to visit Bashbaria beach. It is an impeccably beautiful beach with a green land of natural beauty, bamboo grove, Rows of Zhou trees, an open environment, awakened green grass chars, picnic spots, and so on. Bashbaria is waiting for the visitors with the serenity of a different world.

How to go

After visiting Guliyakhali beach, you can come to Bashbaria by reserving a CNG. Or you can come directly to Bashbaria from Dhaka or Chittagong without going to Guliyakhali.

Kumira Ghat

Kumira Ghat is a famous ghat for crossing the Sandwip Bay in the Bay of Bengal in Chittagong. For a long jetty recently built, this harbor is the most convenient for commuters. The one-kilometer-long jetty, which runs from the shore to the sea, easily attracts the attention of any tourist. It has various local names like Ghatghar Bridge, Kumira-Sandwip Ferry Ghat Bridge,
And the Crocodile Bridge.
If you go to the very western end of this natural ghat, you will feel as if you are standing on the chest of the sea. And with that, you can see the big hills of Sitakunda.
Among the things to see are the shipyard’s scrap-split running ships, which will catch anyone’s eye. There is also a lively scene of fishermen returning to the dock after fishing at the end of the day.

How to go

There are local buses from AK Khan Junction or Alangkar Junction in Chittagong to Kumira Ghatghar Road. The rent is 30-35 Taka per person. From Kumira Ghat Gajar Road you can go to Kumira Ghat by rickshaw or tomtom. Tomtom fare is 10 Taka per person, and rickshaw fare is 20 Taka only.

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