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Bogra: A site of archaeological history

Bogra district, rich in Sufi and Lalon Marathi culture, is the gateway to North Bengal. The famous Mahasthangarh is located in the tourist-rich Bogra district. Notable places of interest in Bogra district are Vasu Bihar, Behula Lakhindar Basar Ghar, Gabinda Vita, Nawab Palace, Kherua Mosque, Parshuram Palace, etc.


Mahasthangarh is the top attraction in Bogra. It has a great history of its own. The ancient Pundranagari has about 4,000 years old installations. Buchanan Hamilton was the first to discover the remains of Mahasthangarh in 1808, and later in 1931, Mahasthangarh was identified as an ancient Pundranagari. Places of interest in Mahasthangarh All Mahasthangarh has various historical sites such as Shiladevi Ghat, Kalidah Sagar, Khodarapathar Vita, Padmadevi residences, and so on. Also, you can see Mahi Sawar Mazar Sharif, Bhim’s jungle, Jagir Bhavan, Arra, Teghar, Rojakpur, Mathura, Mahasthangarh Museum, and Parashuram’s palace.

How to go

Buses to Bogra are available from Mohakhali, Gabtoli, Shyamoli, Kalyanpur, Abdullahpur. There are also two trains available to travel with from Dhaka to Bogra. You can easily reach Mahasthangarh CNG auto rickshaw from Bogra city.

Gokul Medh

Gokul Medh is another archeological site situated in Bogra. Many have also called it Lakshmindar’s Medh. 162 chambers were filled with soil on different floors and gradually descended from the bottom to the top. In this temple, some terracotta plaques of the Gupta period, i.e., six-seven centuries, are found. Later in the Sen era, a temple was built at Gokul Medh. A gold leaf obtained from the temple is thought to have been a Shiva temple.
Behula Basarghar or Gokul Medh is an extraordinary installation. It is a Vaidya Math built by Devpala from 609 to 646 AD. In the western half of the main stupa, there are relics of the basar ghar in circulation. In the east, there is a bathing place that looks like a 24-angled basin.

Poradaha Mela

Poradaha Mela is a famous fair in Bogra that happens every year on the Ichamati river bank. This great fair has been happening continuously for almost 400 years now.
Historians say a group of monks arrived there under a banyan tree, and they used to live here for a long time. For that, the Hindu community assures it a blessing from God and makes this a pilgrim site.
From then on, the people of the Hindu community started organizing Sannyasi Puja on the last three days of the month of Magh. The day of the puja ceremony gradually took the form of a village fair. Even after monks depart the place, the community keeps the worship going and celebrates the fair every year.

How to go

The distance from Mahasthangarh bus stand to Gokul village is only 2 km. So you can come from Dhaka to Bogra city or Mahasthangarh bus stand, and from there you can take a CNG or auto-rickshaw to go to Gokul Medh, the famous residence of Behula.

Bihar Dhap

Bihar Dhap is an archeological site located in Shibganj Upazila of Bogra district. The monastery is thought to be a relic of the second construction period. The site collapsed between the eleventh and twelfth centuries—soil in the description of the Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang.

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