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Bandarban: Beauty Queen of Hills and Waterfalls

If you are an adventurer with great enthusiasm, then Bandarban is welcoming you with a bunch of natural tourist spots. Those who prefer hills and hilly areas for trekking would definitely fall in love with Bandarban.
Bandarban is not just about mountains, but also there are innumerable small and big waterfalls. If you want to enjoy the beauty of these waterfalls, you have to go some distance by boat and some distance by trekking on foot.


A magical melody creates the sound waves of endless streams here in Amiakhum. That’s exactly the view you will find in the Amiakhum waterfall, which is formed by climbing the hill. The beauty of Amiakhum is so vast that it is called the paradise of Bengal. The beautiful Amiakhum Falls is located in the Nakshiong area of ​​Thanchi Upazila in Bandarban, near the Bangladesh-Myanmar border.

Chimbuk Hill

Whether it is the mountains or the sea, it is difficult for travelers to decide which of these two natural beauties is the most popular. However, it is difficult to find a tourist who has not been touched by the romance of the mountain beauty. And among the mountainous beauties of Bangladesh, the queen of the hills is Chimbuk hill. Due to the natural beauty of Chimbuk, famous as Darjeeling in Bengal, Chimbuk is the third-largest hill in the country beyond the borders of the country.

How to go:

You can go there by two routes the first one is Dhaka to Bandarban by bus and then reserved a CNG to Chimbuk hills. The second one is Dhaka to Chittagong and then take a bus to Bandarban.


Another excellent tourist spot near Meghla is called Nilachal, located at an altitude of 2000 feet above sea level. Located at Tigerpara, 5 km from Bandarban city, this tourist spot is adorned with posadas of extraordinary beauty. Another name for Nilachal is Tiger Hill. If you want to see the Bandarban like the eyes of the bird, then Nilachal is the place for you.

How to go

As it is located only 5 km away from Bandarban city, you can easily reach there by jeep or auto-rickshaw from the bus stand.

Prantik lake

Another beautiful Prantik lake is located at Haludia, 16 km from Prakritikanya Bandarban city. This Prantik lake and tourist center run by the Bandarban district administration is situated at the far end of the Bandarban district, hence Prantik lake. There are educational tours and picnics as well as an open stage made of clay.
Visitors will have to pay a ticket price of Rs 20 to see these fantastic views.

How to go

CNG from Bandarban town can easily reach Prantik lake.

Where to stay:

There are different guest houses and hotels in Bandarban. If you stay in our partner hotels, you can avail of attractive discounts on hotel rooms and food.

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